Does the ShopClues site sell fake products?

Is a reliable online shopping website? Many people complain of fake products on ShopClues. Let's look at it objectively.
Arun Nair - Author

ShopClues is a market place, like a mandi or shopping complex where traders can sell their wares. So to answer the question, it is not ShopClues site selling fake product but the specific vendor that you purchase from, since ShopClues is an intermediary. Also, keep in mind that like any market place you have good and bad vendors.

What differentiates a good marketplace (like Amazon) from a tarnished one (like ShopClues) are the following ...

  • Buyer protection in the form of expedited return including a no questions asked policy if the customer is not satisfied with the end product(s), or does not meet her expectations.

  • Seller protection in the form of arbitrage and quick resolution, to protect the seller from unscrupulous buyers.

  • Quality assurance and due diligence, to ensure that the marketplace is devoid of poor practices, counterfeiting and other issues that usually plague a marketplace.

  • Responsive customer service to ensure that a customer issue is tackled and solved at the earliest in the best manner possible, without being judgmental.

So even though ShopClues may absolve itself from the responsibility under the guide of being an intermediary platform, it is only making it worse for themselves. Because the customer has choices, and with the quality of service offered by Amazon, they will have no hesitation switching loyalty.